I'm still not sleeping through the night but I'm sure time will help. For years, the most common phrase out of my mouth is "I'm exhausted." Ha ha! ", "Day six was good, but after so long with no sleep, day 7 I spent in the hospital, just laid on the couch, and went into a full-blown seizure, woke up on floor sore all over, the only thing I remember is the extreme tingling all through my body. "It's day 13 and I must say I feel terrific! Scared it won't get better from here and only worse. ", "Feeling better today, but had to write my signature in front of a stranger, was embarrassed at the shaking and my illegible name. ", "My worst withdrawal symptom is that my brain does not seem to work very well. I never heard of it before. One moment up, next down and no concentration. ", "My biggest challenge over the last few days is dealing with people who won't take no for an answer where drinking is concerned. ", "Well I know I still have 15 minutes before I can celebrate my 70th day of sobriety but I can't wait. Is this normal, 19 days in? The choice to seek treatment for alcohol abuse is one that changes a life for the better, but even with some research, many people aren’t sure what to expect when getting sober. But I know it gets much worse. This is to let folks know that not everyone has severe physical symptoms. I'm still experiencing insomnia and from time to time mood swings, however, the desire to drink is no longer consuming my thoughts. As of yet not too much anxiety. Didn't sleep great last night but tonight will be good. Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research September 2007, Kiefer F, et al. ", "Glad to say I have no real desire to drink because I feel so good. But to go back will be my death.". ", "What I'm noticing now is real bad stomachaches, gas bloating and nausea, and loud growling. On day four and I am feeling a little brighter, though I have decided to go to work later today so I could have a good rest this morning. I just took the quiz for withdrawal symptoms and scored 60 percent moderate to severe. I have actually never felt better. Dry cleaning services are not available. At 13 days, I’d post a goal of three weeks. The brain needs to be re-trained to function normally without drugs or alcohol. I have the psychological urges. ", "Still having cravings and thinking a lot about drinking but I haven't given in. The headaches are slowly going away. 2nd edition. ", "I think I've seriously damaged my brain. You shouldn’t expect this to be an easy transition. I woke up this morning with a nasty headache & nausea (for a minute, I was afraid I was hungover). Here's how people reported their symptoms on day 1 after quitting drinking: "I am forgetful, have a hard time concentrating, and sometimes find it hard to formulate meaningful sentences. It will take some time for your emotions to balance out and with that, you’ll be feeling a lot of different things. Congrats! Scared, I went to the hospital. ", "No more dry heaves, no more general sick feeling, just a bit shaky (slight occasional tremors) and a bit of anxiety. Today I went to the grocery store and I cannot believe how clear everything is getting, it's amazing how foggy life was. I do still have that awful feeling like at any second I am going to go crazy. It really has helped to have the sugar when I need it. ", After 12 days of abstinence from alcohol, most people who quit have very few withdrawal symptoms. Many people drink to cope with social and family anxiety. The second day I was worried that I had the stomach flu. From three to five days sober, what to expect is a struggle with minor to severe symptoms. The first 30 days of sobriety might be the hardest. I know I can't. Newcomers to Recovery - Day 2. Marks also served as a research editor, reporter and contributing writer at lifestyle, travel and entertainment magazines in New York City. Still experiencing strange dreams and nightmares but I remind myself they’re not real and it helps. The further you get from your last drink the better most former drinkers feel. Anxiety, headache, jaw pain, diarrhea, moody and emotional. Have had a few temptations. One is when the symptoms get really bad and the other is when they start feeling better. I actually sleep better now than when I was drinking. For most, the main symptom they have to deal with after eight days is craving for alcohol.. “Before And After 307 Days Sober” Photo Credit: Imgur. I am addicted to good chocolate and reading posts on the internet. ", "I can't remember the last month. ", "I feel terrible, shaky, stomach hurts, sweating, and anxiety is through the roof. I get sleepy at 7PM and then am awake all night. What To Expect When Getting Sober: 5 Ways It Will Change You. Harvard Health Publishing. ", "I quit 2 days ago and have just had the unfortunate experience of a seizure. I am very paranoid and don't know why, peeking out windows an not thinking rationally. I went to ER and detoxed 5 days in the hospital. ", "Yesterday was awful. I have never seen the inside of one, or have any idea what generally happens. ", "I am going on 7 weeks of being sober and I could not be any happier. The most active period of insomnia, in fact, occurred after 160 days of being sober. ", "I quit cold turkey. I remember having a "fall risk" bracelet on my wrist because I couldn't walk by myself. 3. what to expect the first thirty days of sobriety . Laundry facilities, including supplies, are available for client use. A double whiskey neat?! ", "The anxiety and insomnia have been the worst. Didn't take much energy to get that into a glass from the tap. So far day 5 and no withdrawal symptoms. ", "Day nine. I feel better I actually ate three meals yesterday. Here’s What Happened. After detoxing, it’s normal to feel mood swings since in the past, an alcoholic would control her moods with alcohol. Jo Choto. As you also can see from these reports, those who seek medical attention get some relief. I would drink mainly vodka and couldn't go a night without a drink and my wife found out (again) and made a ultimatum, alcohol or her.

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