If they manage to do so, the room will be locked forever. Stand back a few steps and wait for them to shoot flaming darts. We’ll now need to ring the bell a few times. As soon as you enter, start slamming the three jars in this room for Coins, Hearts, and Bills from Spiders. This will open the snake's mouth, revealing the floor's Yellow Gem. After you've sucked some sand away, the sand face will jump away to another location and cause a shock wave. Sometimes she'll send sand fists after you. Use Gooigi to access a subterranean room with, Before exiting, interact with the pots on either side of the statue to find, Suddenly, the nearby sarcophagus opens up and a mummy starts attacking you. Climb the ladder you arrive at to reach the area below. Use a jump slam next to the Slinker if he has Toad to force him to release it. If you fail, you'll return to the start of the room and you can try again. Check all the holes in walls, garbage bin, shelves, pipes, and use Dark Light to reveal hidden gold in paintings. Examine the jar near the northwestern corner now for some Coins, and open the wardrobe beyond it for more Coins. Next, head north toward the island at the back (there's a small object in the sand on the way there with a few Bills to spare), to find out that it was a cardboard cutout this entire time, and that a Hammer and some Mini Goobs were planning on ambushing you this whole time. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Move back a little, then spawn Gooigi and head east. Once all three are turned off, start flashing around the room until you find the floating foe, and suck it up to clear the room. You’ll find Toad inside. Get rid of Gooigi, then place four statues onto the platform. Get out of the way so the foe bumps into the wall, consequently falling to the ground. You can't slam it down with your plunger, so what can you possibly do? You may have spotted the slot to this particular jewel in the first section of the room, back near the door, on the western wall. Enter the door to reach the first valve puzzle room. In the next room, avoid the Rats and use Toad as a projectile to knock down the ladder here. Approach the door on the far side of the area to have the ghosts we saw earlier spring an ambush. Activating this will spin the rotating platform above. 3rd Floor of the Last Resort in Lulgi’s Mansion 3 is quiet challenges with over … In the back, right corner of this lower area is a weak section of brick wall. As soon as you return to this room, four Mummies come forth from their sarcophagi and start to slowly walk toward you to hurt you. You'll pass a Spider as you head up, and find two more Spiders at the top. Move Luigi (and by extension Toad) onto the central, rotating platform and have Gooigi rotate it so that the platform moves to the right. Defeat it like any other one to brighten up the room again, slam open the nearby sarcophagus to find another, smaller one inside. This is Part 3 of the Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Gameplay Walkthrough for the Nintendo 3DS! We want the handle to land on the crocodile, which is five images from the left. Back in this room, with the hole closed, a sand dune will have appeared. If you take too much damage, there are a couple of Hearts to grab in the sand to heal your wounds. Suck every corner, curtains, covers, etc to grab hidden gold. Once you're safe up in the alcove, head up the ladder on the left. Take the Coins on it, then use your Dark Light to reveal the statue of a cat, probably Polterkitty. To do so, use the running sand in the room to create paths up to each of them. Medal #2: Get a 3 star rank in all missions in Dark Moon Quest mode. Next, get rid of the sand near the two jars by the lamp and near the pyramid for a few Coins when you interact with them. He’ll give you a new upgrade for the Poltergust G-00 Super Suction. With the darts going right through him, pull on the rope in an alcove to the north to lift a wall in front of the trap. The examine two more jars for extra Coins. Check for hidden chest in corners and vending machines. To complete this story you need to make your way through The Last Resort, a haunted hotel. During this rather slow process, you'll be confronted with two waves of ghosts. There is quite a bit to be found, so left start by heading west. During the first wave, four or five Goobs will appear and start attacking you. Luigi will walk forward and successfully get spooked by the Egyptian queen. Use your Dark Light to reveal the missing body part, then keep sucking up the sand in the surrounding around until you find a second missing body part. Explore 12F - The Spectral Catch – Part 1, Explore 12F - The Spectral Catch – Part 2, Nintendo to acquire Luigi's Mansion 3 developer Next Level Games, Luigi's Mansion 3 Multiplayer DLC part 2 released, Collectibles and Other Useful Item Locations. She'll run off and surround herself with a shield of sand snakes. Defeat him and continue to the right – be careful as he’ll try to grab Toad. Climb to the area above and enter the door. Oh, well, what do you know? Control Luigi now, making sure that Gooigi is still doing his job. The Boss fought here is Captain Fishhook. Now you can peacefully eliminate the bigger threat. Go through the top door to reach the Gallery. Find out how to cross this floor safely in this section of our Luigi’s Mansion 3 Guide.. It is the third Luigi's Mansion game in the main series, being developed by Next Level Games. Upon leaving the elevator and heading down the hall to the left, you’ll be attacked by a Slinker and a large group of Mini Goobs. You can't even interact with it. E. Gadd will drop you off in the Chalet Approach where you will have to follow the path to the front door. Progress. Climb this ladder to return to the elevator room. Pick one of these up and shoot it onto the blank wall at the back of the niche to reveal a Goob. The only interesting thing to do in this room is to examine the statue in the top-right corner. Open it for Gold and the cubic jewel, which you can shoot at the red slot at the top. Then suck your way through to the southwestern corner to find a statue. Version: 1.1.1 | Updated: 11/07/2020 FAQ of the Month Winner: January 2020. Deploy Gooigi as a decoy and defend Toad. Head south, back to where you came from, and head toward the southeastern corner. This will reveal a chest, but before opening it, a pack of Mini Hammers will encircle you. Mission A-5: Sticky Situation is the fifth mission for the Gloomy Manor. The final room that you'll need to explore before closing the gap in the center of the room completely is located to the north. On the way, you might accidentally set off a trap by pressing on a pressure plate, which will release a huge boulder to circle the room, attempting to crush you. In this lower area, head all the way to the left. Suck it up to find a third curtain where Luigi is encircled by two Goobs. All rights to Nintendo. Approach the hatch closest to the door and shoot Toad up the shaft to find a valve here. Once the western portion of the room is sandless and jarless, head east and start sucking up the sand in the lower corner to find a chest. This will reveal a chest, but before opening it, a pack of Mini Hammers will encircle you. Suck up the sand as you follow its swirly body, until you find a missing section. Dodge it and enter the room to the left. Wait, there's a curtain behind the curtain, and it's Luigi (...wow). Discover the unfolding of these events in this part of the Luigi’s Mansion 3 Guide.. As you reach the base of the ladder, you’ll be attacked by a Slinker. The desk against the back wall has stacks of Coins as well, along with some Gold Bars. Then pull down the last curtain to reveal a safe. Thankfully, his strong paranormal signature made him easy to find!" Enter the Chalet and defeat the two Hiders and a Sneaker waiting inside. Pull on the Egyptian curtain on the northern wall to reveal a hole with Coins in it, and slam the jar for a Heart. Then leave the room. Defeat it and use one of the flaming coals to melt the ice blocking the door on the right. You should find an Aladdin-style lantern in the sand. To the right of these there is a ladder. If you take too much damage, there are a couple of Hearts to grab in the sand to heal your wounds. before moving through this tunnel due east. Eventually, sand cobras will appear above and will try to attack you. Avoid the big ghost's attack, and take care of the mini ghosts while its face is on the floor. Luigi’s Mansion 3 Story Guides. In this lower area we can find the final Gem. Attempt to return to the elevator to find that the door is now blocked, and we’ll be required to find an alternate route. Use the Poltergust to suck up the Toad and shoot him over the dividing wall back to Luigi’s location. Suddenly, you step on a pressure plate, and poisonous darts fly over your head (provided you didn't run up and get shot in the head instead). Enter the door to the storage room on the lower left (we picked up a Gem in here on our first run through). Get close to the southeastern door and, suddenly, a mummy will pop out of one of the many sarcophagi surrounding this room. When it opens its eyes and freaks Luigi out, the ghost will emerge from its tomb and open up the trap under Luigi's shoes, making him fall to the room below. Sometimes several will come at you, so try running away to avoid an attack, and suck on their tails to eliminate them. There's another pressure plate in this general area summoning a second boulder. It'll start covering its eyes and rushing in your direction blindly. This will give you some Gold, including a Pearl. The one in the center is turned, so blow on it to rotate the image, until it is back up straight. Pull the arm down to reveal an entrance on the right. Follow this sewer area around to the end, stopping to fight the groups of Mini Goobs as you go. Head directly east and open up another sarcophagus, this one facing west. Once it appears, interact with the tap to have a Goob appear. Take a couple of Bills near the plants to the east, then Burst near the table in the corner holding a pile of fruit to collect a Pearl. During the first wave, four or five Goobs will appear and start attacking you. Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding E. Gadd medal: Medal #1: Successfully complete Dark Moon Quest mode. The next room is the old reservoir. Thankfully, there's a torch on the floor behind the northwestern jar, and a fire in the corner. Now that you know how this works, there are more jewels to find under the sand here, and more shapes in the wall to shoot them at, and to make it more challenging, the door behind you will close and poisonous gas will start contaminating the room, dealing 5 Hearts of damage every few seconds. This is a 100% walkthrough. Now head up the stairs to the right. Upon sucking up the sand in the corner, you'll find a spherical jewel. To start off, take the stack of Coins to the right, and examine the jar for Gold.

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